About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the Russian language to the world with "free for personal use" content. We aim to bring the highest quality and most effective learning methods to you, so that you may enjoy the beauty of this language with us.

Our Team


Alla Velichko: Lesson Manager and Certified Linguistics Instructor

Alla is a certified teacher of Russian language and literature from Moscow State University. She helped bring StandardRussian.com into reality and helped to develop our lesson material. In her own words, "... I teach all ages and all levels, and I want to be your guide in the world of bears and balalaikas. :)" With the help of Alla, you will be speaking proper Russian in no time!


Daniel Scearce: Founder, Lesson/Software Developer, and General Manager

Daniel is the Founder of standardrussian.com. Also being a student of the Russian language, he decided to create this service to provide the most accurate guide to the Russian language as possible and a place for passionate teachers of the language to reach students. Daniel's goal is to offer you the support you need to become fluent in Russian as it is spoken in Russia.


Vincent Holley: Media and Marketing Consultant

Vincent's contribution comes in the form of advisement. He is a talented graphic and web designer, but he is also skilled in marketing and business strategy.

Vincent helps accomplish the mission of StandardRussian.com by helping to ensure that we are aware of the latest technologies available.